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Editors’ Note:

Seventh children are usually considered especially gifted, possessing healing powers and a knack for clairvoyance and telepathy. One exception to this generally positive view of the seventh is in Romanian folklore, where that offspring is believed destined to become a vampire. You hold in front of you the seventh issue of Florida English, the latest incarnation of the professional literary journal conceived in September of 2002 on a boat in the middle of the St. Johns River. Following what is undoubtedly our most notable publication to date,

2008’s Special Imagist Issue, Florida English 2009 holds its proverbial own with a remarkable variety of poems, stories, and essays, along with some book reviews. Inside are new voices and repeat contributors, and once again some Florida-specific pieces that leave no doubt as to where we originate. In addition, you should note in the back matter the call for submissions to the 2010 edition, and the theme Italian-Americana, a topic rich in possibility as it relates to Florida and America. On our west coast alone we have a Naples and a Venice. Get the picture? So whether Florida English 2009 renders you healed, enlightened, discovered, drained, or all of the above … there are more literary adventures about a year around the corner, some of which will be spicier than the past and present. Meanwhile, don’t step on that Burmese python. It’s not his/her fault. Welcome to Florida [English].




Volume 7 2009
Table of Contents

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 4

Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7


Laura Albritton


Lost Ships (fiction)

Renae R. Applegate House



Becoming Grotesque: Female Bodies in Three Short Stories by Lee Smith (critical article)

Bill Boggs


Pitchin' Shit (poem)



Winder (poem)

Michael W. Cox


Old School (fiction)

T. Allen Culpepper


My Life Is Not a Very Good Poem (poem)

Brian Dickson


Reaping What Comes (poem)



Waiting for Rain (poem)

Victoria Fedden


When You Leave, Then Return

Michelle B. Gaffey




“A storm is blowing from Paradise”: Historical Change and Salvation in Lola Ridge’s “The Ghetto” (critical article)

Richard Londraville


Tastes Like Chicken (fiction)

Charles Marr


Dumb Luck (poem)



Tampa Bay (poem)

Lillian Schanfield




Translation as an Act of Rescue: Future Readers of the Yiddish Novelette, The Abandoned Wife of Brod by Ayzik-Meir Dik (critical article)

G. St. John Stott


Candide in the Eastern Cape (critical article)

Book Reviews



Contributors’ Notes











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