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Editors’ Note:

We have passed the half-decade mark, and to celebrate this landmark, the Associate Editors decided to provide a theme around which to base our sixth issue: Imagism. We chose Imagism because, quite simply, Florida and Imagism go together like peanut butter and chocolate. From the obvious Key West connection to lesser-known connections (such as you’ll read in “Shell Shocked: An Imagist on Casey Key”), Florida has served as a point of inspiration to many Imagists, and Florida English seeks to honor that spirit.

The year 2007 also marked another important milestone: a unique gathering of prominent, even legendary, scholars in Dorf Tirol, northern Italy who provided a framework for some great discussions of imagists and their continued contributions to literature. Back in the U.S., as we began a discussion with H.R. Stoneback, we thought we might be fortunate enough to have a few of these prominent scholars contribute work for the issue. What happened next is still beyond what we could have expected: Stoney agreed to let us publish the proceedings from the conference.

What you hold in your hands is our proudest accomplishment: a wonderful blend of creative and critical work by local, national, and international scholars.  Additionally, many loyal readers may have noticed other changes, all related to growth. We have grown this issue to nearly 150 pages; we have grown the size slightly to a 6x9 format; and what is not immediately evident is that our reputation continues to grow in the literary community. We have received requests for copies of Florida English from renowned university libraries. We are listed on WorldCat. And, with our 501 (c) (3) status and ISSN number, we are available to an increasing number of readers.


The front cover, a 9”x11” graphite, colored pencil, gesso, oil on paper by Joe Loccisano, is titled “Grande Deluge.”


Volume 6 2008
Table of Contents

Volume 1
Volume 2

Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

Laura Albritton                        6            There’s no Karma
Marlowe Olson Arnold        14           Moments              
Matthew James Babcock      15           Idaho Etude: 1
Matthew James Babcock      16           Idaho Etude: 2
Carl J. Boon                              17           Pound’s Silliman:
                                                                    Precedents (article)
Susanne Eules                         28           Pax Montana
Brad McDuffie                         29           In Season
Brad McDuffie                         31           Morse Codes
Brad McDuffie                         32           To Go Home:Berks
                                                                     County, PA
Jim Miller                                  33           Kryptonite
Matthew Nickel                      48           La Méthode-After
                                                                     Mass (poem)      
Liz Robbins                              49           Ezra Pound’s Use
                                                                     of Tree Imagery in
                                                                     Early Poems: An
                                                                     Experience with
H. R. Stoneback                       65           Shell-Shocked: An
                                                                     Imagist on Casey 
                                                                     Key   (poem)  
H. R. Stoneback                       68           Hemingway:
                                                                     Imagist in
                                                                     Florida’s Strange
                                                                     Country (poem)
Katerina Stoykova-Klemer   70           Hamster (poem)
Nick Vagnoni                          71           Winter in Sarasota
Mary Katherine                       72           The Meaning of Wainwright                                             Yellow Things
Mary Katherine                       74           Postcards From Wainwright                                             Tuscany (poem)

Special Section:
A Conversation about Imagism
Proceedings of a Conference at Brunnenburg Castle
Edited by H. R. Stoneback

H. R. Stoneback                      76          Introduction: A
                                                                   Conversation about
Mary de Rachewiltz             78          Imagism
William C. Pratt                     80          Imagism: A
Ian S. MacNiven                    84          Aldington, Pound,
                                                                   H.D., and Imagism
Emily Mitchell Wallace       88          The Geography of
                                                                   Imagism: H.D. and
                                                                   William Carlos
Michael Copp                         99           (Sub)urban Lines:
                                                                    The Imagists’
                                                                    Response to the
Daniel Kempton                   107         “The Seafarer” and
Marie-Brunette Spire           112         André Spire and 
                                                                   the Imagists
William Boyle                        123         Some Questions
                                                                    about Imagism
                                                                    (and Vorticism)
H. R. Stoneback                     129         “Only Emortion
                                                                    Slither”: Or,
                                                                    Hemingway and
John R. O. Gery                      133         Pound and
                                                                    Imagism in the
Contributor’s Notes          139

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