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Editors’ Note:

As of this brief editorial introduction, hurricane season has been easy on us, and only one Florida school is ranked in the top ten of college football.  Rising print costs have prompted the Editors to postpone the purchase of promotional Florida English ball caps, but the journal still thrives.  As if the publication of another quality issue is not proof enough of that, we sponsored a coffeehouse on Thursday afternoon, November 9, for the annual conference of the Florida College English Association, this year in Lakeland and hosted by Florida Southern College.  Poets and folksingers participated in the event and there are some recording contracts rumored.   Also, the ’06 edition of Florida English breaks more new content ground with the inclusion of two one-act literary dramas.  We continue, then, to publish a bright spectrum of creative and scholarly work by Florida authors, and writers connected to the sunshine state and elsewhere.  So (as Seamus Heaney began his translation of Beowulf) the editors of FLeng once again extend their appreciation to the various contributors to this publishing adventure, and urge you to keep talking it up, showing it off, and supporting the journey. 

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Volume 2
Volume 5
Volume 6

Volume 4 2006
Table of Contents

William Boggs
Grind, (poem), 6
Hot Town, (poem), 8
No Guard Rails, (poem), 11

Sandra Cooper
Changing Grace's Diaper in the Ladies' Room at Target
, (poem), 13

John J. Daily
Midnight in Memphis, (fiction), 14

Jim Drumm
Mother of Un-Become, (poem), 28
Whistling Girls, (poem), 30
The Transient I / Eye in Haiku, (critical essay), 31

John W. Evans
Hansel and Gretel Enter the 151st St. Nature Preserve in North Miami, (poem), 37

Gail Ghai
Stranded, (poem), 38
Choices, (poem), 40

Christopher R. Hopkins
First Date, (fiction), 41

Allan Johnston
Last Night, (poem), 52

Jill Kriegel
Not So Disparate: The Worlds of Antiquity, Christianity, and Modern Drama, (critical essay), 53

Charles Marr
Searching for the rhyme for orange, (poem),
The great wave over Cedar Key, (poem), 68
Long Winter, (poem), 69

Christa Mastrangelo
Teaching the World, (poem), 70

Richard Schwartz
An Interview with Martin Tucker, (interview), 76

Martin Tucker
(one minute plays), 71, 73, 89, 92

Stephanie Woolley-Larrea
Breathing Room, (poem), 94


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