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Volume 3 2005
Table of Contents

Andrea Best
The Nose Knows, (poem), 7

  Mona Birch
The Parable of the Leper, (poem), 8
My Motherís Hands, (poem), 10
Sweet Reconciliation, (fiction), 12

Ronald Emerick
The Witch in the Closet:  Symbolism and the Search for Self in Gail Godwin's Father Melancholy's Daughter, (critical article), 24

Susanne Eules
waking up view out of the sleeping-car compartment, (poem), 36

Andrea Greenbaum
Swingin' Dicks The Emergence of the Masculine in Three Works by Tim O'Brien: If I Die in a Combat Zone, Going After Cacciato, and The Things They Carried, (critical article), 37

Tsipi Keller
Letter, (poem), 52

Suzanne Keyworth
Moving Day, (poem), 54

Richard Londraville
Climacteric, (fiction),  55

Charles J.  Marr
Excellence if Big Trees, (poem), 60
Revival, (poem), 61
Sand Painting, (poem), 62

  Jesse Millner, II. 
Aquelarre, (poem), 63
Holy Tortilla!, (poem), 64

Diane Mooney
1967, St. Pete Beach, Florida, (poem), 66

Seven Questions for Tim Dorsey, (interview), 67

Alejandro nodarse
When it Falls, (poem), 70
Relief, (poem), 71

Robert oxley
To My Mother, (poem), 72

Michael L. shuman
Jeffersonís American Aesthetic and the Paintings of John Trumbull, (critical article), 73

  Neal storrs
Cue the Harp, Arpeggio, (fiction), 83

  Alison watkins
Blind Manís Stick, (poem), 96
6 a.m., (poem), 97

A Brief Interview with Suzanne Keyworth Regarding Her New Book, Markers, (interview), 98

Florida English"Harry (Homage to Magritte)" by Sherri Hill

Editorsí Note:
Appropriately, this issue of Florida English received what can be described as a windstorm of submissions from across America, and particularly from the sunshine state.  The editors are very pleased.  We are sorry, too, that we could not print the majority of the work read.  But do keep the interest and support coming because we plan on being around for a while.  Included in the journal for the first time are two interviews, which means that we are now considering for publication short interviews with authors.  In addition, if you have published a book of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry and would like the Editors or an Editorial Board member to perhaps review it, send us a copy.  Thus this third issue of FLeng breaks some new content ground.  Do you like the sobriquet FLeng? We hope so, because that is what is getting stitched on our ball caps when we have enough money left over to order such postmodern extravagances to give out as gifts to particularly diligent or generous supporters.  Donít hold your breath, even though associate editor Richard McKee is considering selling one of his guitars to fund the hat project.  We are still very much non-profit.  Meanwhile, keep spreading the word; keep sending us stories, articles, poems, etc.; and continue to share Florida English with your friends and colleagues.  We truly appreciate your support. 

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