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Volume 2 2004
Table of Contents

Jeff Morgan
Deconstructing Paradise: Florida in Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’s The Story of Avis, (critical article), 7

Jennifer Stewart

florIDa, (poem), 13

Marilyn Burel
Family Land, (poem), 14
You Meant So Well, (poem), 15

Lillian Schanfield
Miccosukee Gaming, (poem), 16

Christine Caya
Live Maine Lobsters, (fiction), 17

Charles Marr
Snow Noises, (poem), 33           

Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody,
Mourning Quilt, 1844, (poem), 34
New Year’s Day, 1848, (poem), 35

Laurie Rosenblatt, Breath For Leon, (poem), 37

Myra Mendible
Between Borders: Exile, Ethnicity, and “Homelessness” in Julia Alvarez, Margarita Engle, and Edwidge Dandicat, (critical article), 38

Marcia Denius
Negative Capability, (poem), 53
Relapse, (poem), 54

Mary Katherine Wainwright
Anna Maria Island,
(poem), 55

William Boggs
Before the Divorce, (poem), 57

Cynthia Lyles-Scott
Leaving Home, (poem), 58

Henry Hughes
Campfire Girls, (poem), 59

 Florida English

Editors' Note
The pipe dream that began on a cocktail cruise on Lake Monroe during the 2002 annual conference of the Florida College English Association sails on.  As Florida English celebrates its second issue, even a quick perusal of the contents will leave no doubt that this young journal is certainly something out of Florida.  Several works included here are inspired by various aspects of the sunshine state, its people, places, and literature.  That is not to suggest, though, that we are one of those theme zines.  The editors continue to solicit and encourage submissions both national and international, quality writing being our primary criteria.  The editorial board, however, consists solely of Florida educators, scholars, and writers.  It is a mix of experts from every niche of the state who continue to offer the dependable judgments and advice that make Florida English a publication we can all open and show off proudly.  Please encourage friends and colleagues everywhere to read and submit.

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