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Florida College English Association Annual Meeting

Marina Hotel & Conference Center

Sanford, Florida

October 18-19, 2001


Thursday, October 18


8:30 - Noon: Registration: 8:30 A.M. - Noon


Meeting Rooms: The Zora Neale Hurston Room

                              The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Room

                              The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Room



9:30: Session I 


         I (A)  On the Water (Hurston)

·       Steve Glassman (Embry Riddle University) "The St. Johns: The Story of the River"

·       Ellen Smith (Stetson University) "Irene Ziegler’s Annie and the Rules of the Lake, River, and Springs"


         I (B)  British and American Literature (Douglas)

·       Rosalie Baum (University of South Florida) "Humor in Anne Bradstreet"

·       Jeff Greniesen (Manatee Community College) "Tune in Next Century: Realism and Readers of Middlemarch and Soap Operas"

·       Arden Jensen (Gulf Coast Community College) "American Puritan Workshop: A Key to Understanding Early American Literature"


I (C) Panel: Teaching Social Justice and Cultural Diversity: Intersections of Composition and Literature (Rawlings)

Patricia Angley (University of Central Florida)

Kathleen Hohenleitner (University of Central Florida)

Martha Marinara (University of Central Florida)



10:30: Session II


II (A) Teaching Paradise: Florida Studies Inside and Outside the Classroom (Hurston)

·       Jane Anderson Jones (Manatee Community College) "Exploring Florida Cultures"

·       Susan Jones (Palm Beach Atlantic College) "Florida Literature and the Local Community"

·       Kevin Morgan and Julia Rawa (St. Petersburg College) "Re-Imagining Paradise: Creating Florida Studies Courses"


         II (B)  Language and Voice (Douglas)

·       Elisabeth Sommer (University of Central Florida) "Communication Styles of African-Americans and Anglo-Americans on Campus"

·       Louise Williams (University of Central Florida) "Who is Speaking Here?"



II (C)  Panel: From Here to Utopia: The Promise and Pitfalls of Student-Faculty Research (Rawlings)

Mary Pharr (Florida Southern College)

Peter Schreffler (Florida Southern College)

Michael Heider (Florida Southern College)

Sarah Lanius (Florida Southern College)



11:30 Session III


III (A)  Florida Association of Departments of English Panel: Distance Learning (Hurston)

                  Carol Alves (The Florida High School)

                  Kathy Biggs (Manatee Community College)

                           Director, Instructional Technology & Distance Learning

                  Jane Anderson Jones (Manatee Community College)

      Angela Rapkin (Manatee Community College)

                  Project Director, FIPSE Grant

      Christopher D. Sessums (University of Florida)

                  Director, Distance Learning

      Katherine VanSpanckeren (University of Tampa)


         II (B)  Florida and Russia (Douglas)

·       Anna Lillios (University of Central Florida) "Endangered Children of Stressed Mothers in Rawlings The Yearling"

·       Jeff Morgan (Lynn University) "Paradise Lost, Again: The Fountain of Youth Myth in Bank’s Continental Drift and Dexter’s The Paperboy"

·       Irina Morozova (Udmart State University, Russia) "In Search of Herself: Russian Women Today"


         III (C)  Music in Milton and Hughes (Rawlings)

·       Eric Otto (University of Florida) "Music in the English Classroom: Langston Hughes’s ‘Theme for English B’ and Bebop Identity [Form]ation"

·       Gerald Schiffhorst (University of Central Florida) and Alex Katsaros (University of Central Florida) "Learning to Like Lycidas: Teaching Milton's Symphonic Elegy"



12:30 Session IV


         IV (A) The Play's the Thing (Rawlings)

·       Samuel Goldstein (Daytona Beach Community College) "Macbeth, An Unlucky Play"

·       Kristen Gurri (UCF) "Using Classical Drama to Raise Contemporary Discussion in the Composition Classroom"

·       Valerie Lipscomb (University of South Florida) "Drama in Performance: A Small Revolution"



(12:30 FADE Annual Luncheon at Wolfys)



1:30    Session V


V (A)  Real Students, Real People (Hurston)

·       Randy R. James (Florida Memorial College) "Real Students, Real People: Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Today’s Collegiate Student"

·       Jeff Karon (University of Tampa) "Deception in the Classroom: Re-Thinking Ethics of Self-Revelation"

·       Douglas Magrath (Embry Riddle University) "Tracking Non-Native Speakers in College Writing Courses"


         V (B) Austen, Morrison, and Shakespeare (Douglas)

·       Kathleen Anderson (Palm Beach Atlantic College) "Sexual Seduction in Jane Austen's Novels"

·       Silvia Fiore (University of South Florida) "Re-memory, History, and Language in Beloved, or Why Toni Morrison is ‘Hot’ in Today’s College Classrooms"

·       Courtney J. Ruffner (Manatee Community College) "Fraudulent Feminism in Much Ado about Nothing and Richard III"


V (C) Panel: Taking Care of Business: Putting a Career Focus in Writing Courses (Rawlings)

Peter Schreffler (Florida Southern College)

Alexander Bruce (Florida Southern College)

Marsha Leap (Florida Southern College)

Michael Heider (Florida Southern College)



2:30    Session VI


         VI (A) Barbara Speisman as Mrs. Stephen Crane (Hurston)

This performance was originally supported by a grant from the Florida Endowment for the Humanities.  After the performance, there will be a conversation with Professor Speisman about the Cranes and a discussion of "The Open Boat."



4:00    Cruise on Lake Monroe and the St. Johns (Riverboat Romance)

(The cruise is free for registrants and there will be a cash bar. This cruise is sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty's Office, Rollins College.)



6:00    Dinner

                  Speaker: Les Standiford

Prize winning author of the John Deal novels and director of the Creative Writing Program at FAU



8:30    Informal Gathering (Wolfys)

(Anyone interested should come ready to discuss everything from teaching in response to September 11 and coping with underprepared students to identifying Florida's best writers and debating whether crime novels are really novels)



Friday, October 19


7:30    FCEA Executive Committee


9:00    General Meeting: The Future of FCEA (Douglas & Rawlings)


10:00  Session VII


         VII (A) Dorsey, Flaubert, and Frost (Douglas)

·       Sarah Fogle (Embry Riddle University) "Laughing to Keep from Dying (Part 2): Tim Dorsey"

·       Maureen Goldstein (Lynn University) "The Genius of Flaubert: A Perspective from the Millennium"

·       Roderick Hofer (Indian River Community College)"The Poet and the Pitchmen: A Clarification of Frost’s 'The Road Not Taken'"


VII (B) Crossing Cultures (Rawlings)

·       Susan Monroe Nugent (Santa Fe Community College) and Harold Nugent (University System of New Hampshire) "Cuba Here and Cuba There: A Study in Creative Perspectives"

·       Deepa Sitaraman (University of South Florida) "'Alienation Effect' and (E)Racing Color: Teaching and 'Other' Experiences in America"



11:00  Session VIII


         VIII (A) Teaching, Technology, Theory, and Story Telling (Douglas)

·       Ray Clines (Jacksonville University) "Teaching Research from the Inside Out"

·       Tyler Fisher and Alex Katsaros (University of Central Florida) "Earth Echoes: Digital Based Technology and Story Telling"

·       James M. Reynolds (University of South Florida) "Expressivism and Social Construction"

·       Tammy Powley (Indian River Community College), Literary analysis and the Video Age



VIII (B) Panel: Examining Lives: Innovative Approaches to the Literature Society (Rawlings)

Bill Doyle (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Carol Bledsoe (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Linda Rowland (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Rebecca Totaro (Florida Gulf Coast University)

Jennifer Wojcik (Florida Gulf Coast University)


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